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driver - brian perkinsBrian Perkins grew up in a racing family in Seattle, working with his parents Kevin and Laurie Perkins at Seafair. In 2000, Brian began his unlimited racing career working for Bill Wurster’s U-8 Llumar team. "I knew nothing about racing, so I started sweeping the floors and cleaning parts for Wurster." He and Kevin crewed for Wurster and during that time, Brian Perkins gained valuable knowledge about racing.

In the same year, Brian entered the highly-competitive one liter inboard hydroplane class. He had a great first season and was awarded Tacoma Inboard Racing Association’s 2000 Rookie of the Year.  In 2001, Perkins set a world record for a mile and a quarter race course. Ten years later, Brian Perkins is one of top drivers in the one liter class. In the intervening years, Perkins has raced in every class of inboard hydroplane within the American Power Boat Association.

In 2005, Perkins was rewarded for his work with Wurster by taking his backup unlimited for a ride in Seattle. As the entire unlimited fraternity watched, Brian drove the boat almost as fast as it qualified. His future in unlimited racing looked bright.

Two years later Kevin Aylesworth offered Brian the opportunity to drive the "Lucky 21." The boat was "remodeled" by Dale Van Wieringen and the U-21 crew in San Diego. It debuted in Tri Cities and Perkins handled every aspect of racing professionally. According to Aylesworth, "Brian Perkins was perfect for our team. Not only did he drive the boat exactly as needed, but he handled the media responsibilities and quickly became a fan favorite."

After the U-21 team disbanded, Perkins joined Go Fast Turn Left Racing. In 2008, Brian attracted attention by consistently placing the U-50 Spirit of the Navy in every final heat on the eastern circuit. His best finish that year was a second at Tri Cities, Washington. He switched to the U-48 hull in 2009 and again, Perkins was able to get the most out of his aging boat. If Brian was going to become competitive, something had to change.

Last season, Go Fast team owner Greg and Brian O’Farrell purchased Brian’s old friend, U-21 from Kevin Aylesworth. The U-21 campaigned last season under the banner of Albert Lee Appliance and finished fifth in national high points. The highlight of the 2010 season came at Seattle, where Perkins captured his first heat win on Lake Washington after a great race with J. Michael Kelly. Brian followed the heat two win with a solid third place finish in the final for Albert Lee.

This season, Perkins returns to the seat of the U-21 after Dale Van Wieringen and the Go Fast Turn Left team spent the winter dialing in the bright green rocket. "I look forward to a great season of racing as our boat will be better than ever!"

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Brian Perkins grew up in a racing family in Seattle, working with his parents Kevin and Laurie Perkins at Seafair. In 2000, Brian began his unlimited racing career. read bio
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